Kansas City, MO

Tornado Up Ahead on Road

Missouri is no stranger to tornadoes. With April, May, and June being the most active months for tornadoes here in Missouri— it’s that time of year again.  Because tornadoes can quickly develop, any advance warning is helpful, especially if you’re driving in your car and want to try and get to a safe shelter.  Advanced […]

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scenic road relaxing scenic drive

The Benefits Of Taking Scenic Drives Did you know that taking the scenic route can help reduce stress and strengthen your mental health? That’s right. You don’t have to go to a fancy yoga studio to experience tranquility. Whether you jump in your car solo, with the one you love, or with the whole family,

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sky view Kansas City Missouri

Kansas City, MO straddles the Kansas-Missouri state line and is Missouri’s largest city in area and population. The town was founded in the 1830s as an important port city on the Missouri River. What made it indispensable was its location at the confluence of the Kansas River. The Settlement of Kansas City, MO Kansas City,

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