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The Benefits Of Taking Scenic Drives

Did you know that taking the scenic route can help reduce stress and strengthen your mental health?

That’s right. You don’t have to go to a fancy yoga studio to experience tranquility. Whether you jump in your car solo, with the one you love, or with the whole family, taking a scenic drive can instantly reduce stress and bring a sense of calm.

Ask any mother of a toddler who has taken her kiddo for a ride just to get them to sleep. A drive in the car may be the remedy you’re looking for in the middle of this pandemic for some peace and quiet outside of your house.

We’ve all spent a lot of time in our houses lately. The kids are going stir crazy, it’s winter, they may be distance learning, there are no social activities going on because of Covid. What can we do?

Get out of the house and take a scenic drive, that’s what we can do! 

Explore Areas You Never Knew Existed

We’re all so afraid of getting lost. Now, with in-vehicle navigation and Google Maps, some of us tend to over rely on our GPS.

How many times have you taken a wrong turn somewhere and thought “Oh! This road connects to this road? Huh, I never knew that.” and experienced a small sense of satisfaction like you’ve made some big discovery or got a little smarter?

Taking a scenic drive for the sake of taking a scenic drive is the perfect time to allow yourself to get lost! In fact, it’s encouraged!

Most of us haven’t traveled far from home during the Covid 19 pandemic, but there are plenty of areas to explore close to home. And, yes...some you never even knew existed.

Do a little Googling and find a cool scenic drive you haven’t taken yet. Make a bucket list of scenic drives you’d like to take and then start taking them, 

Exploring areas in Missouri you never knew existed will make you feel connected to the land and more at peace with staying home more often.

Feel A Sense of Adventure

Winter Adventure Scenic Drives

Staying home during pandemic life has left us with a longing to feel a sense of adventure again. Looking at the same four walls no matter how pretty those walls may be gets redundant and we need a change of scenery. 

Taking a scenic drive in and around Kansas City can offer a sense of adventure when our normal thrills of engaging in sports or going to concerts or social events has been non-existent this past year.

And let’s face it...we could all use a little adventure in our life. No matter what age you are, adventure makes us feel fully alive.

A Chance To Explore The Great Outdoors

Why not take a scenic drive to an area you’d like to explore? You could plan a winter picnic, that would definitely be an adventure! You could plan a hike. Have a photo session in a remote location.

Take the pandemic life lessons and explore the great outdoors right outside your back door.

Hiking is not only good exercise, but it can bring you closer to nature and bring a deep sense of calm to your mind, 

Is there a location you’ve been curious about for a long time but never took the time to explore it? Now is the perfect time. 

Getting outdoors in the winter is exhilarating. So hop in your car and take a scenic ride to a hiking trail or picnic area and take in the beautiful vistas along the way.

Take In The Sights

roadside diner

Take a scenic drive along an interesting route like Historic Route 66. Take in all the sights along the way. You’ll see antique shops and diners and if you’re lucky, some wild life.

Pack your camera, stop for photos, and grab a bite at a diner. Sounds like a perfect Sunday to us!

Take Photos

Scenic drive adventure photos

Whether you’re a hobby photographer or not, sometimes it’s nice to take a lot of photos that are well thought out. Maybe you’ve always wanted to take photos by the Missouri River?

Grab your camera and seize the day. Carpe diem! Take a scenic drive to a beautiful location and you'll create memories by documenting your trip.

You’ll return home feeling renewed and rejuvenated. And, you and your family will look back at those photos for many years to come.

We can create a lot of joy around a little scenic ride, not to mention some unique experiences that will live in our memories forever.

Melt Away Stress

Maybe you’re not interested in a big adventure. Maybe you simply want a peaceful scenic drive to relax and melt away the stress.

The beauty of scenic drives is you can drive for ten minutes or you can drive for hours. You can make a whole day of it or just take a quick stress relieving ride by yourself just to recalibrate.

A ride along a road with natural beauty is the perfect reset after a stressful day.

Sunset Drives

scenic road relaxing scenic drive

There is something extremely special about the twilight sky. The skyline is illuminated like an otherworldly painting we only get to glimpse for a few minutes every day. 

A sunset drive with the kids is like magic. They get to see all the beautiful colors of the sunset in the sky. The atmosphere is charged from a day full of sunshine and it almost feels like nature is winding down for the day and going to sleep for the night. It brings a sense of awe and wonder and makes us feel alive and connected to the world around us. 

Sunset drives are also a good way to help the kids relax and calm down to get ready for their nighttime routine.

It’s a good time for deep breaths and contemplation.

Consider Taking The Scenic Route More Often

Want to incorporate all those good vibes on the daily? Consider taking the scenic route whenever you can. Highways may be the quickest way to get from one place to another, but the scenic route adds so much more.

Whether you’re taking a drive on historic Route 66, exploring Missouri Farmlands Route, or taking a ride along the Mississippi River on Old Trails Road, Missouri has a lot of scenic territory to explore!

So what are you waiting for?

From our Roadside Services Towing Family to Yours, Happy Driving! 

We hope you don’t, but if you ever need assistance on your scenic drive, don’t hesitate to call us. We have tow trucks available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 

We’re here when you need us!

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