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You could spend all day visiting every park and lake, and still not see everything. Should you need a Lee's Summit towing service, you can count on us.

Roadside Towing Services of Kansas offers you the best selection of services. Whether you need onsite repairs or roadside towing, we offer it all.

No matter which side of highway 50 you are on, we'll arrive there shortly. Contact us whenever you need help with your car problems and:

  • Experienced Towing Contractors
  • Affordable Rates
  • 24-Hour Services
  • Roadside Options
  • AAA Partners
  • Holiday Availability
  • Several Towing Vehicles
  • Locally Owned and Operated

We do our best to provide quality towing services to as many drivers as possible. Reach out to us 24-hours a day for Lee's Summit towing services.

Best Tow Truck Near Me Lee's Summit, MO

Sometimes, when you call for towing, you don't know what to expect. Other contractors might only offer local vehicle hauling and nothing else.

Instead, our team can take on any service call you make. Whether you have an unresponsive car or a flat tire, we can help.

Whatever the situation is, we know what to do every time. Call us day or night for experienced service contractors, as well as:

Wrecker service auto accident car being towed on flatbed
  • 24-Hour Towing
  • AAA Services
  • Roadside Assistance
  • Wrecker Services
  • Flatbed Towing
  • Lockout Service
  • Jumpstart Service
  • Flat Tire Service

From fender benders to dead batteries, you can rely on us. Contact our towing contractors whenever you need service in Lee's Summit, MO.

24-Hour Lee's Summit Towing

Everything seems fine when you leave your home, but then the unexpected happens. You never can tell what other drivers are thinking.

When other towing services close shop, our expert drivers never stop. You can rely on us for affordable tow truck operators, 24-hours a day.

Roadside Services and Assistance 24/7

More often than not, it's a minor problem that stalls your vehicle. When it won't start up again, you know you need help.

Whether it's a flat tire, dead battery, fried circuits, or something else, call us. We'll arrive shortly with a practical solution.

AAA Service Partner

To partner with AAA means passing their certification process, which not everyone can. When companies don't maintain licenses and insurance, they get the boot.

Our team can offer a range of solutions whether you’re a member or not. From roadside towing to assistance services, we cover it all every day.

Flatbed Lee's Summit Towing

The benefit of using a flatbed towing truck is that it allows us to move anything. Once we secure it in place, your vehicle won't budge until we arrive.

Other trucks can cause additional scratches, dings, and damage, worsening its condition. Choosing us means spending less in repairs than with the wrong towing vehicle.

Wrecker Services

When you can't move your car away from an accident, it'll go to impound. When police take your vehicle in, you pay them a fortune.

If it doesn't even start, you may throw your hands up and write it off. Instead, you can count on us for accident recovery services.

Lockout Service

Whether you're new to driving or a seasoned pro, everyone locks their keys inside. By now, you've ruined the only wire coat hanger you have.

When you can't break into your own vehicle, you can call on us. We can open any lock you need, no matter the make or model.

Jump Start Service

Some batteries put up a fight before finding themselves drained. Others can surprise you when you least expect it leaving you stranded.

If it's already after sunset, you don't want to wait all night. Contact us for fast and reliable jump start service anywhere in town.

Flat Tire Service

Something as small as a nail can prevent your car from rolling away. When you don't have the jack or a spare, it only gets worse.

It also doesn't make you comfortable with how fast other drivers are going. Stay safer by calling us for flat tire services 24-hours a day.

Closest Towing Company Near Me Lee's Summit, MO

When you hire a tow service, it could take minutes or hours. You never can know how long you will need to wait for help to arrive. One way to keep it to a minimum is to make sure you hire locally. When a driver needs to come in from other communities, it only takes longer.

Wherever you work or play in the area, our team is ready to move.

Contact us, no matter where you break down, for 24-hour services near:

  • Lee's Summit Municipal Airport
  • Paradise Park
  • Lea McKeighan Park – South
  • Downtown Lee's Summit Main Street
  • Summit Waves
  • Miller J. Fields Park
  • Legacy Park Softball Fields
  • Blue Springs Lake
  • Lakewood Oaks Country Club
  • Hallbuster Shops
  • Southside Plaza Shopping Plaza
lee's summit mo

From shopping trips to morning rush hour, we're there for you. Choose our local towing operators for service throughout the city.


Towing | Wrecker Service | Recovery | Long Distance Towing


Why Choose Us for Lee's Summit Tow Trucks?

When it comes to vehicle towing, you can't risk hiring an amateur. Otherwise, they use your car as their training dummy.

Instead, our experienced service contractors can transport any passenger vehicle with ease. From four-door sedans to large pickup trucks, we can haul them all.

We also offer several towing capacities for added versatility. Choose us for your construction equipment or for commercial vehicles as well.

Whatever you need, our team offers it at affordable pricing every day. Call our operators whenever you encounter problems behind the wheel.

Lee's Summit Towing Service Near Me

When things go wrong while driving, you need a service expert on your side. We guarantee that you won't find a better group of drivers than ours.

Even if you don't need a tow, we can still assist you. Whether you're a AAA member or not, you can still experience the best service possible with us.

Don't settle for a poor-quality experience and contact us first. Call the team behind Roadside Towing Services of Kansas for 24-hour solutions.

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